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Programmeur, Projectcoordinator, Teamleider
In overleg
opdracht in: Powerbuilder, Management en Consultancy

01-01-1987 t/m 01-01-1990 MEAO Business Administration - Business Economics
01-01-1990 t/m 01-01-1995 HEAO Bedrijfskundige Informatica

01-01-1995 Powerbuilder Basics (PB 4)
01-01-1996 System Administration with MS Windows NT 4
01-01-1997 Oracle 7.3 - New Features for DBA
01-01-1997 Oracle 8 New Features
01-01-1998 Introduction to Vantive Object Studio 7
01-01-1998 Advanced Vantive Object Studio 7
01-01-1999 Building applications using powerbuilder and EAServer
01-01-1999 Sybase Certified Powerbuilder Developer Associate Version 6
01-01-2000 Data modeling with Power Designer 7
01-01-2002 Fast Track Java
01-10-2002 Sybase Certified Powerbuilder Developer Associate Version 8

Computer Systems Summary And Related Skills and Knowledge


Operating Systems:
MS Windows 2000 Server / Advanced Server
MS Windows NT Server 3.51 & 4.0
MS Windows NT Workstation 3.51 & 4..0
MS Windows 95 / 98 / ME

Powerbuilder 4 , 5, 6.5, 7 and 8
HTML & Javascript & CSS
Frontpage 2000
MS Visual Interdev 6
Oracle PL*SQL
Sybase Watcom SQL
Sybase Transact SQL (for Sybase SQL \Anywhere)

Transaction servers
Sybase Jaguar (EAServer)

Sybase SQL Anywhere Sever 5.5 6 - 7
Sybase SQL Anywhere Standalone 5.5 6 - 7
Sybase SQL Remote
Oracle 7.1 7.3 - 8
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 / 7

Office suites
MS Office 95 97 - 2000
Lotus smartsuite millenium
Corel wordperfect suite

System development methodologies

Design tools Power Designer 7.0


Dutch Mother tongue
German Well
French Notions
English Very well


Ik ben geinteresseerd om te werken in projecten als:
* Senior Powerbuilder Ontwikkelaar
* Technisch of functioneel analist
* Teamleider
* Technisch project verantwoordelijke

Ik geef de voorkeur aan projecten in de regio Hasselt(B), Brussels(B),
Gent(B), Bergen op zoom(NL), Breda(NL), Tilburg(NL), Eindhoven(NL).
Opdrachten in andere landen met een maximum duur van 3 maanden worden

I am looking for interesting projects as:
* Senior Powerbuilder Developer
* Technical / Functional Analyst
* Team leader
* technical project co-ordinator

I prefer projects in both the Netherlands as well as Belgium in and between
the region Hasselt(B), Brussels(B), Gent(B), Bergen op zoom(NL), Breda(NL),
Tilburg(NL), Eindhoven(NL). Short term assignments (max 3 months) abroad will
be considered.

Certified Powerbuilder Developer - Associate Version 6 Sybase
May 14, 1999

Certified Powerbuilder Developer Associate Version 8 Sybase
October 11, 2002

periode:15-01-2003 t/m heden
functie:Senior PB Developer
Design and development of a wizard-like migration tool for existing cash
management application. The end result of the migration tool is a XML File
that can be imported by an on-line banking service.
Implementation of modifications to existing PC banking application for
foreign payments. Create test scripts for created software based on
functional and technical specifications.

Server environments:
Sybase SQL Anywhere 5, MS Excel through ODBC

Languages and tools:
Powerbuilder 5, Powerbuilder 6.5, XML, MS Visual C++ 6.0

periode:01-11-2001 t/m 15-11-2002
functie:Analyst - Developer
omschrijving:Development and design of engine (framework) for building
applications in the
field of recruitment and selection with the focus of ease of customization
towards the wishes of the end-user.
Training of in-house Powerbuilder developers.

Sever environment:
MS SQL Server 7

Languages and Tools:
Powerbuilder 7, Windows ME / 2000, XML, Borland C++ builder 5, SQL

periode:01-10-2000 t/m 30-09-2001
functie:Software Analyst - Developer
bedrijf:Ictinos Belgium
omschrijving:*Research possibilities combination PB 7 and COM
*Research possibilities for implementing multi tier by using MTS / COM + in
existing application
*Implementing changes to existing code regarding COM and multi tier.
* Technical analysis of new modules
* Development of new modules
*Maintenance and administration of MSSQL, Oracle 8 and Sybase SQL Anywhere
development databases
*Development of thin intranet client for HR application using ASP, HTML,
Javascript, COM, MTS/COM+, PB7

Server environments:
Oracle 8, MSSQL 7, Sybase SQL Anywhere 6 & 7, Windows NT 4 with MTS,
Windows 2000 with COM +

Client environments:
Powerbuilder 7, Windows 95 / 98, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, MS Visual
Interdev 6

periode:01-06-1999 t/m 01-09-2000
functie:Technical Project Coordinator
omschrijving:*Technical responsibility for the SD-project (Sociale Dienst).
*Resource planning and planning of software release dates in conjunction with
the project manager.
*Determine the amount of work based on functional and technical analysis.
*Divide the work among the available resources (3 to 5 developers).
*Review developments and test reports.
*Occasional Powerbuilder 6.5 development.
*Create functional and technical analysis documents.
*Carry full responsibility of technical quality level of the end result

Server environments:
Oracle 7.3

Client environments:
Powerbuilder 6.5, Windows 95 / 98, Windows NT 4

periode:01-12-1998 t/m 01-06-1999
functie:Analyst / Programmer
omschrijving:Analysis and development of the CDM in Powerbuilder 6.5. The CDM
is a PFC-like
class library, for both 2 and 3-tier applications.

Server environments:
Oracle 7.3

Client environments:
Powerbuilder 6.5, Windows 95, Windows NT 4

periode:01-11-1997 t/m 30-11-1999
functie:Analyst - Programmer
omschrijving:Analysis, design, implementation and testing of multi lingual, replicated
application for corporate HR department. Initially the applications was set
up using Powerbuilder 5, later it was converted to Powerbuilder 6.5

Server environment:
Sybase SQL Anywhere Server 5.5 with Sybase SQL Remote through VIM
MS Windows NT and MS Windows 95

Client environment:
Powerbuilder 5.0, Powerbuilder 6.5, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows NT 4

periode:01-06-1995 t/m 01-11-1997
functie:Technical Analyst - Programmer - DBA
omschrijving:Analysis, design and implementation of the sever side of Powerbuilder
4 5
treasury and cash management application

Server environment:
Sybase SQL Anywhere Server 5.0 & 5.5
Oracle 7.1, 7.2 & 7.3

Client environment:
Sybase SQL Anywhere standalone 5.0 & 5.5
Powerbuilder 4 (later migrated to release 5)