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Netwerkspecialist, Internet Consultant, Netwerkspecialist, Programmeur (ASP), Windows-NT
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opdracht in: Informatietechnologie

Back in 1996, when I was a freelance ICT consultant, I was asked by the
founder of Schouten & Nelissen (, one of the largest
management consulting and training companies in The Netherlands, to be
responsible for all ICT aspects for a new company they would form.

The new company should give the Schouten & Nelissen Group of Companies
access to all aspects of ICT in general, focused on Internet technologies.

So in 1997 I was one of the 3 founders of Lectric Internet Services
( in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands. Since then Iíve been
responsible for everything concerning ICT in this company and I was a member
of the Management Team.

The activities Iíve been doing ranges from developing, building, implementing
and administrating Office ICT (infra-) structures for all the Schouten &
Nelissen Group of Companies, building Internet / Intranet sites for clients,
selecting, training and managing employees, consulting services, to developing
and implementing vision and policies concerning ICT.

Begin 2000, there are working approx. 40 people at Lectric Internet Services.
The company is growing rapidly, and I felt my job was finished; The company
was founded and is doing well. I needed another challenge.

So I moved with my family to Costa Rica, to work for a small Internet-company.
Family matters brought me back to The Netherlands, where Iím currently
available as an ICT-consultant for my company VOC.

Knowledge and experience
I bought my first ZX81 computer back in the 80ís. Since then I have been
fascinated by computer-technology. In 1993, I was one of the first private
users of the Internet in the Netherlands.

Iím a self-made man, and I do not believe in (MCSE) certificates. Iím
selecting my employees by experience and skills rather then a certificate
witch only describes theoretical knowledge. This is why Iím not certified at

In the past several years I was involved in a number of projects, from
building webserverfarms to developing database-driven webapplications. I
coverded every aspect of these projects.

Operating Systems:
MS DOS 3.x - 7.x, MS Windows 3.x, WFW, MS Windows 95 / 98, MS Windows
Workstation / Server 3.x - 2K, MS Windows NT Terminal Server, Citrix
Metaframe, Linux (Red Hat / SuSe).

Dos, Win 3.x, Win 95 / 98, WinNT WS, WinNT Server, Win 2K, Linux, hubs,
switches, (Cisco-)routers.

TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, WINS, NICs, (Cable) Modems, ISDN, PCAnywhere, VNC,
Services, RRAS, VPN, PPTP.

Networks / Internet:
WWW, mail, news, gopher, telnet, ssh, irc, ftp, archie, search engines,
Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer, MS Frontpage, MS Visual Interdev, MS
Internet Information Server, MS Proxy Server, Wingate, MS Index server,
Apache, Sendmail, MS SQL Server, Windows Load Balancing Service (WLBS),
firewalls, DMZ, ipchains, network security, network penetration tests.

Office Automation:
MS Office, CRM, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, Intranet, VBA, Windows
Scripting Host (WSH).

Programming Languages:
(D)HTML, Java-Script, VB-Script, Active Server Pages, VBA, WSH, Visual Basic,
PHP, database-driven websites.