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Systeem Analist / Programmeur

In overleg
opdracht in: Informatietechnologie


Master of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science

Cursussen en bedrijfsopleidingen
UML course, Datasim
Java Programmer course at Sun Microsystems
ASP-COBOL course, Data Sciences
Cimview course, IBMUML course, Datasim
Java Programmer course at Sun Microsystems
ASP-COBOL course, Data Sciences
Cimview course, IBM

HARDWARE:PC, Sun, Tandem

OPERATING SYSTEMS:Unix, Linux, Windows NT, OS/2, Minix, Tandem Guardian

LANGUAGES: Java, C++, C, XML, 68000 Assembly language, Modula, COBOL,
Basic, HTML, SQL, Prolog, Smalltalk, Unix shellscript

ENVIRONMENTS AND TOOLS: W3C DOM Java interface (IBM/Apache parser)
for XML
documents, IBM Visual Age for Java, Enterprise Java Beans, Servlets, IBM
Visual Age C++, Hush C++ graphical library, Visual Basic for
Applications/Word, Informix, Nexpert knowledge base, X-Windows, Cimview
industrial plant monitoring/control system, APS lower CASE tool, Tandem
Guardian OS

METHODS AND TECHNIQUES: UML, ISAC, Information Engineering, Jackson

periode:01-02-1999 t/m heden
functie:Application programmer
bedrijf:Yacht ICT
omschrijving:a. september 2000 - present
Asset management system for IBM Worldwide,
implementing the business model between WebSphere and SAP in Java. Project
jointly executed between IBM Southbury, United States and IBM Uithoorn,

b. august 2000
Advice for conversion of personnel information in legacy format to format of
Exact bookkeeping solution.

c. september 1999 – august 2000
Project IDD - processing of mulitple debit transactions as one for large
1. Java
2. Visual Age
4. XML
5. UML

d. august 1999
Assistance on VBA for Word project to automate creation of financial reports –

e. april-august 1999
Message wrapping/conversion in Java for the call center of the Rabofoon, the
phone-banking service of a well-known Dutch bank under IBM. Also connecting
existing C-code with the new Java software through JNI, porting SQL
functionality from old VB code to Java/JDBC. Java/Visual Age

f. february 1999- march 1999
Development of Java-applets for interactive financial planning,
Java/AWT/Visual Age

periode:01-01-1998 t/m 31-12-1998
functie:Multimedia Developer
omschrijving:Proprietary engine made in Visual Basic, entry tool in Visual Basic for
Applications/MS Access. Creation of multimedia courses for personnel of the
Albert Heijn supermarket chain. Visual Basic components for new multimedia

periode:01-04-1997 t/m 01-10-1997
omschrijving:ATM project SNS Bank (C/Unix), Informix reports
P44 (EDI message switch C/Linux), developed test applications
CPMS (credit-card processing) (APS COBOL) System of a large number of GUI’s in
Win31 and a Tandem database, in APS COBOL.

periode:01-09-1995 t/m 01-03-1996
omschrijving:Advice on the design of an information system for monitoring and
administration of the inspection process of manufactured steel coils,
Hoogovens IJmuiden; resulting in master's thesis. Visual Age for C++.